This should be a straight-forward topic: the top five (5) cars that have the best gas mileage. In fact, you would think that every list created on this topic would be the same. Alas, they are not. So I have put together a list of five (5) different types of vehicles that receive great gas mileage.

Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

MPG city/highway/combined: 21/26/23
If you are looking for a new pickup, this might just be your best bet. When it comes to gas, this truck is as strong as ever. Because of its great MPG, the Ford Ranger has been popular with consumers and commercial clients.





Honda Odyssey Minivan

MPG city/highway/combined: 19/28/22
Whether you need to take the kids to soccer practice or have a long road trip coming up, this minivan could be the best addition to your family. With the Honda Odyssey, you won’t need to compromise on space or your MPG!





Ford Escape Hybrid SUV

MPG city/highway/combined: 34/31/32
Turn heads with a stylish, fuel efficient, and space friendly vehicle! The Ford Escape is perfect for a beach day or even mudding with friends. This beauty scored high not only with consumers, but on safety tests as well.






Mitsubishi i-MiEV Hatchback

MPG city/highway/combined: 126/99/112
Thinking of turning a new leaf in your life? Then perhaps an electric vehicle is the right choice for you! Not only does this car help our environment, it will also help save your wallet!






Smart ForTwo Coupe

MPG city/highway/combined: 34/38/36
Perfect for all the ladies out there looking for a “cute” car or someone just looking to save some gas that doesn’t need much room. If you’re not looking at going on a long trip anytime soon and need a city car, this little dazzler is just the right fit for you!