Not What I Expected

When I first began to develop ABC DUI school, I believed it would be a creative business experience. Since the course was online, I expected telephone support to be limited to no more than answering a few tech questions or sending the occasional forgotten password. It didn’t take long to realize that there was more to this job than I had expected. I quickly found that many of my students often needed to talk and express their embarassment and regret at being arrested DUI. The phone offered anonymity and I provided the ear. No judgement from family, friends or strangers. The phone provided a person with a safe outlet to talk.  I couldn’t give them absolution, but it helped them most to recognize that they made a bad mistake and learned from it. When I was practicing as a chiropractor for many years, listening to patients was part of my job description. I never   expected that creating an online DUI school would permit me once again to make a tangible difference for others.