Aggressive driving isn’t just gesturing a single finger at another driver. When another driver does something we think is stupid or dangerous, we have that urge to yell at them.  Always remember that trying to give driving lessons to someone at 35 or 45 mph doesn’t make for a congenial conversation. That said, most drivers don’t often think they are driving aggressively when holding onto the steering wheel. Well, you may be surprised to learn that aggressive driving is defined by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) driving in a manner that endangers other drivers or pedestrians. Examples of dangerous actions would include, but not limited to speeding, tailgating, excessive lane changing, or cutting another driver off or simply improper passing. All of these behaviors are illegal for a reason… other people will be injured or die. Also, if you are the recipient of someone else’s bad road behavior, just ignore it, don’t make eye contact and let them play in their own psychosis.  Keep in mind that aggressive driving is associated with 1/3 of all fatal crashes.