Most drivers have never been taught how to properly set their side mirrors. Typically, drivers will simply adjust the side mirrors so they can see along the side of their car. When set this way, side mirrors function more as an extra set of rearview mirrors. As the name implies side mirrors are intended to see to the side of the car where the rearview mirror and head rotation cannot see. This area is known as the Blind Spot. The blind spot is where other vehicles can easily disappear out of sight of a driver.  One recommendation for adjusting your side mirrors properly is to sit in the driver’s seat and lift your arm out 90° from your side. Then rotate your head and stare through the window straight down your arm and past your thumb. Then without moving your eyes, observe what can be seen in your peripheral vision. After you are able to see what is within your peripheral vision, adjust your side mirrors so that they overlap what was visible in your peripheral vision. Overlapping your mirrors and your peripheral vision will permits you to more easily to see any traffic that may be hidden either in your mirrors or your eyes. Small vehicles such motorcycles can easily disappear in the blind zone, so always keep this in mind before you change lanes.  Keep in mind that one in ten fatal crashes will happen when someone changes lanes improperly.